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"Painting is my way to become calm again.."

Growing up in Rotterdam in a creative family, with 2 grandfathers as architects, Julie developed her love for drawing and painting.

Where it all started with drawing portraits, where she could get lost in her drawing for a moment, it became clear that Julie was looking for a that little moment to escape. 

Julie is now always looking for that little moment of calmness, a moment for her own imaginations. She likes to be surrounded by nature, close to the beach, where she can watch a rough sea for hours, or take a nice walk through the dunes. This search for calmness is also reflected into her work.

For Julie, painting is an 'escape', where thoughts and emotions come together on her canvas. 


“The making process is the most important to me, where I slowly relax through all the different layers of the painting. It all starts with the background. Here I use deep colors, large brushes, no rules, just letting everything loose on the canvas. When it feels good I will start working on the first layer of shapes. Shapes that overlap, touch or almost touch. A game of balance; an important feature of my work.”

Atelier Julie Haverkamp is located in Amsterdam

Julie can currently be admired in Copenhagen, in a boutique hotel: The Audo House, and on our beautiful coast, at Beachclub Republiek in Bloemendaal aan Zee.

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